Coping with the demands of a young family & how Reiki can help

Being a parent to a child, infant or baby can be especially stressful.  Lack of sleep and constant caring for others can be extremely draining and finding some ‘me’ time can seem like an impossible dream. It is crucial, however, to allow yourself this time to enable you to recharge your batteries and to take back control of what can feel like a very chaotic time in your life.

Reiki is completely safe and is especially great for new parents, providing calm in a household adjusting to a new baby’s routine. Taking some much needed time off to receive an hour of Reiki a week can be of great benefit to you all.

It isn’t only new parents that struggle to cope with the demands of family life however. I remember so clearly feeling absolutely exhausted having to care for my 2 year old and my new baby, it was so much more than having double the amount of things to do. It was double the worry that I was doing things the right way and double the amount of stress realising that I was responsible for the life of two beautiful little people, I wish I’d known about Reiki then!

Reiki can help you meet the demands of your new or growing family in many ways, emotionally and physically. On a physical level you will feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated, allowing your body to release tension and pain and on an emotional level you will feel calm and peaceful and
able to sleep more soundly, giving your body the rest it needs in order to cope with the demands of a busy and sometimes hectic day and night.

Reiki can be used for all members of your family and using Reiki for the health and well-being of yourself, and the people you care most about, can help you to enjoy what should be a special time in your life, allowing you to focus on what is really important – your beautiful growing family.