Learn Reiki

Would you like to take control of your personal growth, learn to deeply relax, reduce stress and gain improved comfort and clarity in your life?  The ability to achieve all of these things is literally in your hands. Learning Reiki will enable you to manage the daily challenges of your hectic life. Reiki is a gentle healing & stress reduction technique that is beautifully simple to use and is easy to learn. It requires no specific level of education and proficiency can be achieved very quickly. It is natural and safe to learn, it does not follow any religion and can make a difference to your life no matter what age you are.

Reiki is a natural pain reliever, it is simple and powerful – where you feel pain or discomfort you place your hands on that area and let Reiki flow. You’ll be amazed at the feeling and results.  If your daily challenges are keeping you awake at night Reiki can help with stress reduction, helping you deeply relax and fall asleep – insomnia can be a thing of the past. Sleep will come easily without taking any artificial medication, which can only be a good thing.  Reiki is taught over 3 levels as follows:

Reiki I is for people who are new to Reiki and want to use it for their own use and to treat family, friends etc.  There are no prerequisite requirements for taking Reiki I, just a desire to learn.
Reiki II is for people who have already taken Reiki I and wish to develop their skills further. Reiki II is also required to practice on the general public.
Reiki III (Master) is for people who have taken Reiki II & wish to take their study to the highest level and also to teach others in the use of Reiki.


Each degree of Reiki can be learnt in a day; just one day to change your life and to take control. A certificate of completion is issued for each degree and a comprehensive training manual is provided for each level.  If you are ready to start your Reiki journey I would be privileged to help. Classes are intimate (maximum 3 people) to ensure you receive all the guidance and help you need and to allow plenty of hands-on practice. Maybe you could learn with your Partner or a friend?  Prices for each stage of training can be found on the Treatments and Prices page.

If you would like to discover more about learning Reiki please contact me and I would love to answer your questions.  Reiki has changed my life and I am passionate about helping others change and improve theirs. I look forward to hearing from you.