What people are saying about Reiki Therapies

Laura, Italy, Dubai

“I found Alison just googling on the network and I immediately liked her friendly approach to people and the way she considers Reiki:something that can improve people’s life.

When I started my reiki therapy, I was very depressed and discouraged, maybe one of the worst period of my life.

Through Reiki I found the strength I had lost and after some months I asked Alison to be introduced to the Reiki level I course.

The course with Alison has been an incredible experience and now the daily autotreatment is part of my life, reiki now is part of my life.
Thank you Alison”

Priya, Dubai, UAE

“I went to see Alison because I could not sleep properly at night. I was sleeping for short intervals and waking up 2-3 times. As a result, I was always tired during the day. This was going on for months. I did not want to take any sleeping medication but wanted my body to begin to heal itself. During our initial meeting, Alison listened very carefully to my problem and my symptoms. I must say that I took a leap of faith that day because of her belief that this would work for me, and I had my first Reiki session. It took only a couple of sessions to start sleeping better. Months later, I am still sleeping deeply, not waking up during the night, and feeling refreshed in the morning. Alison is just wonderful and I highly recommend her. It is also important to follow the course of treatment that she recommends – intense and several sessions at first until you reach a point where both you and Alison feel that you can sustain the progress you have made.”

Alice R Hughes, Dubai

“Alison talked to me on the phone before we met and instantly I felt really comfortable with her easy going personality. When we met I was not disappointed, she really put me at my ease, as this was my first time trying Reiki ( although I knew lots of people who had experienced it) She has a very gentle and no nonsense approach and takes the time to get to know you and explains everything in a really understandable way. I felt so relaxed after my first Reiki session, and I had a great night sleep, I don’t know what she has but I think it’s the magic touch. I realised that I enjoyed my Reiki session so much that I wanted to learn more and the best person to teach me was Alison. As a teacher here in Dubai I know that there are very different ways of teaching, but Alison and I had what I can only describe as a really fun, informative and throughly enjoyable training session and I left with a certificate which made me really proud. Alison has an easy natural teaching style and is very good at explaining everything, so much so that I will be undertaking my level 2 Reiki training with Alison again. I can honestly say that Alison is a very honest and trustworthy professional and I would most definitely recommend her for one to one Reiki sessions and her excellent training.”

Annie, Derbyshire, England

“I was feeling run down and stressed and was looking for a way to calm myself. I was a bit sceptical of reiki at first but Ali’s wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm and genuine care made it a powerful experience for me. After my first session, I felt a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt hopeful and a sense of calm over me. I knew I had made the right choice and cannot wait for my next session. Reiki has changed the way I deal with negative situations and people in my life. I felt totally energised afterwards. I would recommend this to anyone. Even if you aren’t sure just give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. My only complaint is that I can’t go everyday.”

Susie, Sydney, Australia

“My wonderful friend Alison Baker is embarking on a new business venture ‘Reiki Touch’. I had my first Reiki experience this afternoon and was rendered speechless! I went into it with a totally open mind but was emotionally overcome by the incredibly deep sense of peace and calmness that it took me to – I’m sure I nodded off a couple of times too! Thank you so much Ali and to all my friends who live in the area, take a look at Ali’s website www.reikitouch.com.au and book an appointment – you will not be disappointed!”

Michaela, Leicestershire, England

“Go visit this lady….she’s amazing!”

Anne, Dubai, UAE

“For the last few weeks I felt very tense and imbalanced and was hoping to find relief with a Reiki treatment.  I had my first ever Reiki session with Ali and it was a wonderful experience. From the first moment I was able to relax and enjoyed the one hour treatment. I felt very calm and centred after the treatment, but what convinced me most was my sound sleep the night after. Thank you very much!!!!”

Beryl, Derbyshire, England

“A few weeks into recovering from a broken shoulder I was understandably in pain, stiffness and had general aches and felt tense throughout the day. Alison gave me a Reiki treatment and just a few minutes into the treatment I felt relaxed and less tense. On ending the treatment I immediately felt less tense and the shoulder was less painful. I had a second session and again I felt a good difference throughout. I would certainly recommend Alison and Reiki.”

Jayne, Derbyshire, England

“I would just like to say how much I love Reiki. Ali treated me a couple of months ago and it was amazing and very relaxing and she picked up on a problem I had without me even mentioning it. Please give it a try – you will be amazed thank you Ali” 😊

Alan, Dubai, UAE

“As a ‘senior’ golfer I’m often left with stiffness and sometimes muscular pain after a round of golf, that can stay with me for a couple of days. The best treatment I have found is to have a session of Reiki therapy with Ali as soon as I can following my round. Not only does this help to alleviate any pain and stiffness, but I find it deeply relaxing and therapeutic. I can definitely recommend trying this out and I will certainly be continuing to count on Ali’s treatments whenever I’m feeling less than 100% fit and well.”