Reiki for New Parents, Infants and Babies

baby feetBeing a parent to an infant or baby can be especially stressful.  Lack of sleep and constant caring for them can be extremely difficult. Reiki can help you to enjoy what should be a special time in your life by relaxing and reducing stress, allowing you to focus on what is really important – your beautiful growing family.

Reiki is completely safe and the calming effects are great for parents, infants and babies. Reiki may potentially help in many ways, including helping infants and babies to sleep longer and more restfully; soothing colic; easing teething pains and improving recovery from a cold.  These are just a few ways Reiki may help and a short 20 minute session is all most infants and babies will need.  Reiki can help the tiniest baby to relax, becoming a calmer and happier little person.

Giving Reiki to an infant or baby is slightly different from giving Reiki to an adult.  Because their bodies are so small, a full body treatment can usually be given to them while keeping hands in one position.  It can be given while they are asleep, lying down or sitting on your lap.  They may also like to have their favorite soft toy with them to help them relax more easily.

When giving a Reiki treatment to an infant or baby a parent or guardian must be present throughout.