Reiki for Sport

Many professional sports people such as cyclists, golfers, footballers etc are now incorporating alternative and complimentary therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy and Reiki into their training regimes.  Just as core strength can be improved by regular gym work, yoga or pilates, for example, mental strength, stamina and recovery from sports injuries can be improved with regular Reiki treatments.

There are many examples of Reiki being used in sport, one such example is in the world of golf. Many PGA professionals have turned to a former Green Beret, Jim Weathers, for help.  Jim has treated a number of players over the years including Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Jerry Kelly, Fred Funk and Ted Purdy.  All in all Jim has worked with as many as 40 players on the Tour with great success.

On a mental level Reiki can help by calming any nerves associated with a high pressure event or competition.  Reiki calms the mind, lowering stress levels and thereby enabling you to regain focus and confidence.  Your mind plays just as an important role in sport as your body and feeling calm and confident sets you up for a great and enjoyable sporting experience.

On a physical level, during a Reiki treatment your breathing will become slower and deeper, allowing oxygen to flow freely through every cell and vital organ, improving circulation and eliminating any blockages and toxins from the body.  The intense relaxation reached during a Reiki treatment, along with the heat that is often felt, can help soothe and deeply restore targeted areas, resulting in a calmer state of mind and a faster recovery from injury.

Reiki wont make you win or lose but it can help you be better prepared, both mentally and physically for your sport.

Reiki is also a great way to release physical fatigue and muscle tension after a workout or for soothing tired, aching feet and legs after a game of golf or dancing for example.

When incorporated into your lifestyle, Reiki could give you the edge over the competition and may be the secret weapon you need to make the difference between winning or losing and enjoying your sport or not.  From ballet to boxing and every sport in between, Reiki can help.