Reiki for weight loss & how it helped Christina Aguilera shed 14 kgs

Christina Aguilera’s love of Reiki is well documented and she credits her three-times a week Reiki treatment as being one of the major tools she used to lose her excess weight that she gained mainly from making bad lifestyle choices and emotional eating.

Christina is quoted as saying, “Reiki puts my mind in a good place and gives me the discipline to eat healthy and maintain weight loss.”

Christina isn’t on her own either: many celebrities have reported having discovered the subtle and yet powerful effects of Reiki including Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow.

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Reiki and emotional eating

We all know how hard it is not to eat when an emotional freight train is building steam within us. We try to push down and suppress our feelings by grabbing anything that may help us feel better, even for a fleeting moment, but using food in this way is unhealthy and the temporary fix doesn’t last.

Reiki calms your emotions, helping you to relax and feel less stressed which is vital for a healthy body. As you feel more in control of your emotions your desire to over-eat will subside.

A Reiki treatment can be a valuable addition to any weight loss programme as Reiki helps you feel more emotionally balanced and when we feel emotionally balanced, we:

  • feel calmer and better about ourselves
  • make better choices regarding food
  • are less inclined toward emotional eating
  • feel less stressed
  • sleep better (research has shown a direct link between insomnia and obesity)
  • are more likely to exercise and take better care of ourselves as our motivation increases

The beauty of using Reiki for weight loss is that it is a natural technique, eliminating the need to take unhealthy medicines or tablets. Reiki is not a quick fix however and although one treatment can help to put you in a new frame of mind, most people will need more than one session (Christina has 3 sessions a week).

Reiki can help your mind be at peace and when you feel happy, revitalised and at ease it is so much easier to maintain a healthy weight loss and eating habits. When your body feels good on the inside, you feel better about the outside, enabling you to radiate happiness and be the beautiful, unique person you were meant to be.

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