What is Reiki?

Reiki is a natural hands-on healing technique that originated in Japan in the 19th Century. Its popularity has now spread all over the world and is widely accepted as a complementary treatment to Western medicine or as a stand-alone therapy.

We all know when we have a lack of energy, we feel lethargic, unwell or ‘just not right’.  Just as a masseur releases tension by massaging  knotted muscles, Reiki releases tension, or blockages, allowing your energy to flow freely through your body bringing about a feeling of rejuvenation and wellness. Reiki touch is light and gentle and healing is brought about through the use of hands laid on, or above, the body in certain positions. Reiki treats the whole person, bringing the mind, body & soul into balance.

Reiki is not however a miracle cure nor does it offer an instant remedy for all health problems but regular treatments will calm the mind and heal the body. Reiki simply needs you to be open to receiving the energy.