Review of Reiki Therapies by Amanda Powell for Expat Woman

Reiki Therapies
I recently was given the opportunity to review Reiki Therapies based in Jumeirah Golf Estates and I arrived a little tense after a very busy day and immediately started to relax after meeting Alison who owns Reiki Therapies.  Alison is from England and like many of us expats has lived out of the UK for a number of years and understands the stresses and strains of our way of life.  She came across Reiki when she was feeling exceptionally homesick while living in Australia 5 years ago.
Reiki Therapies
 We chatted about Reiki and Alison explained that Reiki originated in Japan and that it is now a recognised healing treatment around the world and even in many of the hospitals in England with the nurses being trained in Reiki. I was to receive a full body treatment and that I could expect to feel warmth or cold, tingling sensations, heaviness or lightness as she releases any blockages allowing energy to flow freely through my body.
She explained that during my treatment no movement is required and all I needed to do was relax. Perfect, just what I needed.
Alison has very tastefully converted a room in her home into a Reiki treatment facility. There was relaxing music playing and a comfortable massage bed in the middle of the room. I lay down on my back, fully clothed and the treatment began.
I immediately started to feel tingling in my lips and heat from her hands although she wasn’t actually touching my skin. I now understood what Alison had explained about releasing blockages and it seemed to start immediately. Starting from my head she progressed down the length of my body, sometimes hands on but mostly not.  I noticed some areas went extremely hot and some not so much.  I turned over for Alison to continue the treatment on my back.
The treatment lasted for an hour and wasn’t rushed and I felt very relaxed and a little light headed as I sat up.  Alison gave me a glass of water to drink and advised that I should keep well hydrated for the next few days.
I really enjoyed the Reiki treatment with Alison and I will certainly go back.
Written for EW by Amanda Powell