What to Expect from a Reiki Treatment

Reiki is usually received by lying down on a massage treatment table, allowing a deep level of relaxation. However, Reiki can also be given whilst seated in a chair. The choice is yours; what is most important is that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

During a Reiki treatment no movement is necessary and you do not remove your clothes. Soft relaxing music will be played, you just need to relax and enjoy the experience.

A full body treatment will last for approximately 60 minutes. During the treatment you may feel warmth or cold either in and around your body or from my hands. You may feel tingling sensations or a feeling of heaviness or lightness. You may fall asleep as Reiki deeply relaxes you. You may feel an emotional release or you may even laugh. These are all natural reactions and you may experience all or none of them; everybody experiences Reiki differently.

After your treatment you should drink a glass of water and continue to hydrate yourself regularly for the following few days.